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Why are Artistic Hotels Flourishing?

Artistic elements significantly improve a hotel’s brand image and turnover.

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Dec.6

Contemporary hotels replete with artistic décor and eye-popping layouts are increasingly popular in China. But what's behind the craze of drab grey Chinese offerings transforming themselves into 'Art Hotels' decorated with everything from high-end contemporary art to ancient relics? 

An exploration by Beijing Business Today quotes art commentator Wang Jingjing who says there's more going on than decoration. The works are used to convey meaning, and to make customers feel it's worthwhile to spend their money on a high-quality and comfortable atmosphere, leaving a powerful impression on the psyche that will prompt repeat visits. 

Zhang Zhenglin, a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, said artistic elements significantly improve a hotel’s brand image and turnover. But he said not all hotels are fit for purpose. The one-off models are hard to duplicate with the same ease as traditional cookie-cutter models. When considering limitations on site selection, cultural conditions, and complicated designs, the cost of developing an artistic hotel is far higher, he added .