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Taking Farmer's Interests Into Consideration

A number of factors prevent Chinese farmers from dealing with excess straw in an environmentally friendly way, a state-owned media outlet has argued

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Nov.14

Burning leftover straw from crops is a major source of pollution and a long-standing problem in many of China’s villages. But when it comes to solving it, the interests of farmers should be taken into consideration, the Xinhua Daily Telegraph has argued.  

Leftover straw is a real problem for Chinese farmers. If they don't eliminate it, they won't have space to re-crop their fields. When considering that it is hard to attract companies to recycle the straw, and buying or renting machines to destroy it is prohibitively expensive, farmers often have no choice but to burn it. 

According to the article, the problem will only be solved by helping farmers make more money and live better lives, by improving agricultural social services, and through the development of modern agriculture. For instance, some governments have provided subsidies for crops and straw and incentives for farmers, and encouraged rural cooperatives to update their mills and other farm machinery.