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Future of CPTPP Still Uncertain

Negotiations on the Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), an arguably compromised version of the TPP after the US quit, are expected to be fraught with difficulties

By Han Bingbin Updated Nov.14

Negotiations over the Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) are expected to be difficult, as it is arguably a compromised version of the TPP after the US quit the free trade deal, news site Ifeng.com cited international strategy experts Chen Qingnan and Qin Yi as saying.  

Agreement over the revised partnership is apparently the result of Japan’s proactive efforts, which has been increasingly keen to contain China’s rise by forging a stronger alliance, the commentary from the two scholars said. Japan may be expecting that through its achievements, the US will return to the pact, the article said.   

However, at the moment the obstacles are as noticeable as the potential bright future of the deal, which if realized, will become the world’s largest free trade plan. According to the article, Canada, the second-largest economy after Japan in the scheme, is already in disagreement over the auto sector and intellectual property, which led to an additional meeting for other members to make compromises. The chief delegate of Vietnam has also revealed a degree of uncertainty, after reportedly walking out of a negotiation in discontent, according to the article. 

The problem facing the partnership is now apparent: how will the members  find a way to unite without the leadership of a “big brother” as strong as the US, the article said.