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How Does Trump Choose Companies for His Trade Mission to China?

Export strength against China, the possibility of expanding investment and and an existing relationship are thought to be key criteria

By Han Bingbin Updated Nov.10

Export strength against China, the possibility of expanding investment and an already existing friendly connection with the country are believed to be the key characteristics shared by the business representatives in Donald Trump’s trade mission to China, according to Song Youguo, deputy of the Center for American Studies at Fudan University, interviewed by Guoshi Zhitongche, a social media-based news platform run by the China News Service.

In addition to signing deals in energy, infrastructure and agriculture, China and the US are also expected to step up efforts to facilitate mutual investment, the news platform quoted Zhao Minghao, a researcher at the China Center for Contemporary World Studies, as saying. Chinese and US companies can also carry out tripartite cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, the scholar suggested.  

China-US cooperation is expected to touch upon some key issues in the near future, such as business environment improvement, the opening of the services market and intellectual property protection, Liu Zhenye told the news platform. Liu is the deputy director of the Globalization and Global Issues Institute at China University of Political Science and Law. He said reducing barriers for the entry of foreign investment will be a shared demand of both countries.

Since Trump has tied trade issues closely to the North Korean nuclear crisis, major breakthroughs in trade may be hard to achieve on a strategic level, said Shou Huisheng, a researcher at Tsinghua University’s National Strategy Institute.