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Lu Xun and His Sifang Museum

Using contemporary arts to present a 6,000 years old city

By Xie Yi Updated Nov.6

In 2013, Lu Xun and his father Lu Jun opened the Sifang Art Museum in Nanjing, China. By exhibiting the work of artists and architects from around the world, Lu hopes to bring an international focus to the museum while also displaying his city to the world. It's now one of China's most stunning and popular art museums.

In fall, Lu Xun visited New York as part of a “Nanjing Week” event held to introduce Nanjing’s culture to the people of the US. In an interview with NewsChina, he describes the artworks that he feels most embody today’s China, and explains why he sees Chinese contemporary art as an effective tool to introduce the 6,000-year-old city he calls home.