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College Students Need to Develop Common Sense

College students should keep common sense in mind when entering into society and facing temptations

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Sept.13

Students at college should keep common sense in mind in order to defend themselves against different social temptations, the Party news portal People’s Daily Online commented.  

This summer, various media reported pyramid organizations disguised themselves as recruitment agencies to cheat and lure university students and graduates into pyramid schemes under the pretense of "high returns." The young people did not make any profits and some even died as a result of violence on the part of the gangs.  

There is no such thing as a free lunch, the People’s Daily Online argued, but such common sense tends to be overlooked by many students who are anxious to achieve quick success and get instant returns.  

The fact that students do not keep basic social rules in mind is largely related to the impact of the Internet. Online knowledge does nothing for their critical thinking due to the fragmented nature of its information, the same news article noted, and young folk develop lazy habits in their thinking and easily trust others. Online news stories about getting rich overnight or other unreasonable opinions also misguide students.  

The best way to let college students rationally enter into society and seek jobs is to encourage them to get out of their dorm rooms and experience real life, the same media outlets suggested.