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Policy Intervention Needed to Boost Fertility Rate

The fact Chinese parents have shown little willingness to have a second child is a cause for concern that invites further government policy intervention, a scholar has argued

By Han Bingbin Updated Sept.13

The Chinese government should further improve support services to boost Chinese birthrates, according to Chang Qingsong, a PhD candidate at the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Social Work and Social Administration, writing for China.com.cn. 
China has already fallen into a “trap of extremely low fertility rates,” Chang said, with the new generation of parents showing a declining willingness for a second child despite a recent policy amendment that allows all of them to have more than one. Financial concern is believed to be one key reason.

Chang suggested a raft of measures to boost rates, including tax incentives for families with a second child, enhanced legal protection for childbearing women, and increased investment in childcare and infant education.