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What They Say

What They Say

By NewsChina Updated Aug.1

Same-sex marriage is legal in the US, but there’s a long way to go to make it legal on the Chinese mainland. And potential businesses targeting LGBT groups are finding it hard to grow.”

A comment on opinion site Baijia.baidu.com, arguing that the ‘pink dollar’ hasn’t yet developed in China

“The 100-day action plan is based on the principle of mutual benefits, and the deal is not a list or plan of one side’s concessions.” 

Vice-Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao confirms initial results of a 100-day action plan for a China-US comprehensive economic dialogue, as reported by news portal Caixin.com

“Many people misunderstand trade globalization: they always think one side is a loser and another one is a winner. But if both parties stand on the same platform, they must learn to compromise and then get mutual benefits.” 

Zhang Debi, on the news site Vew.news.qq.com, arguing that the return of US beef to China after 14 years is a good thing.

“’Pre-education’ for young children should be banned so that education reforms and exams can be standardized.” 

Beijing Youth Daily arguing that private education for very young children should be banned.

“If we ban animals performing, how will zoos raise money and breed more animals? The effective way for zoos to protect animals is to let the staff encourage animals to perform naturally, rather than abusing them to perform in line with what humans want.” 

Xie Xiaogang, arguing that humane performances at zoos should be encouraged, on news site Eastday.com.