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Creative Approach to New Businesses Sets Good Example

The Culture Ministry's approval of mini-KTVs is worth praising, and demonstrates that the authorities should take new, creative approaches while managing new types of business, said an editorial

By Xu Mouquan Updated Aug.10

The Chinese Ministry of Culture recently clarified that mini-KTVs - small singing rooms that can accommodate up to two persons and in which customers can sing songs on demand - are different from traditional KTVs or karaoke bars, and the operators of mini-KTVs will not need to gain administrative approval, as those of KTVs do. The move will not only boost the development of the new form of business, but serve as an example, said an editorial by Shanghai-based news portal The Paper.  
Unlike traditional KTVs, mini-KTVs are just small singing rooms in public space like shopping malls that can accommodate up to two persons and be seen from outside, meaning they are easy to be managed, according to the editorial. The singing rooms are free from the typical problems troubling the KTVs – prostitution, violence, and overcrowding, the editorial added. 

By requiring mini-KTVs operators to only be registered with the cultural authorities, without a need for administrative approval, the ministry will unlock wider development space for mini-KTVs. More importantly, it serves as a good example of how to manage new forms of business. 

New, creative approaches should be taken to manage new businesses, helping them give full play to their advantages in meeting new public needs, The Paper said. As long as government guidance is reasonable and the laws of market are respected, the editorial suggested, the new types of business will in turn improve official management and reduce the administrative resources required by traditional management approaches.