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Gender Inequality in the Chinese Workplace

Are women still holding up half of the sky?

By Xie Yi Updated Aug.9

It’s been more than half a century since Chairman Mao Zedong famously praised women as “holding up half of the sky.” 

According to data from the World Bank, 63.35% of Chinese women participated in the labor force in 2016, meaing China ranked 40th among 181 countries for which the data was calculated.

In international terms, gender inequality in China is relatively low. However, a recent survey by Zhaopin.com, a Chinese careers website, shows that over 80 percent of women surveyed experience discrimination based on their gender in their workplace. 

What is the status of women in the workplace? What can we learn to improve gender inequality? Is sacrificing femininity an effective way to stop discrimination in the workplace? Qin Gao examines those questions in this interview.