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Rapid Marriages Draw Social Criticism

The practice of "lightning" marriages and divorces draws mixed reviews.

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Jul.14

The generations born in the 1980s and 1990s are adopting new models of courtship, such as "rush weddings" and "flash divorce", also known as "lightning" marriage and divorce. According to the Beijing Daily, this means rapidly held marriage ceremonies - or divorces - at short notice, without complex preparations. 

According to an article at www.xzbu.com, which provides free journal articles or papers, rush marriages are more cost-effective in economic terms, both in money, emotion, and time. In sociological terms, they encourage more rational practices without the complications of building familial and social relations.  

But this cannot evolve into a mature and stable marital relationship, the same article argued, adding that "lightning" marriage lacks the solid emotion and complete understanding in lifestyles and personalities, and these lovers would face a higher probability of divorce. Moreover, the next generation might follow such irresponsible ideas.