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Hangzhou Drops Official Cars For Uber-Like Services

Car sharing services offer a great way for the government to reduce costs.

By Qiao Minxuan Updated Jul.14

The Hangzhou city government, and the Zhejiang provincial government (also headquartered in Hangzhou, the Zhejiang capital) recently shifted from using official cars to making use of local car-hailing platform Shenzhou Cars. The bid was secured through a tendering process. 

Official cars have often drawn flak as being an expensive waste. This administrative change ensures that official transportation funds can't be used for private purposes. Moreover, Shenzhou’s service will provide extra flexibility and efficiency.

The change is a good move given today's sharing economy, commented Ye Qing, editor of Fenghuang News. It would reduce costs across the board if other departments at all levels followed suit, Ye added. The sharing economy could result in the government's needs being completely met without it owning a single official vehicle.