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Hong Kong Can Share Superior Resources Across Bay Area

Hong Kong, Macau, and nine cities of Guangdong can build a bay area to "rival San Francisco," according to a recent paper.

By Xu Mouquan Updated Jul.7

The Framework Agreement on Deepening Cooperation and Advancing Building of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area was signed on July 1 in Hong Kong, which is designed to build a bay area that can rival that of San Francisco and a world-class city agglomeration, reported financial news site yicai.com. One of the top priorities at the current stage is to build a livable, business- and tourist-friendly "circle of life" in the bay area, an official said. Experts proposed that the three should promote the sharing of medical and educational resources first, and carry out favorable policies in earnest to overcome the likely institutional obstructions.

 Lin Nianxiu, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission said that efforts to coordinate management of ecological environment will be strengthened and more quality public goods and services will be provided, and educational and medical cooperation enhanced.. 

Tu Chenglin, president of Guangzhou Development Research Institute under Guangzhou University, pointed out that the Agreement is a response to repeated calls and public demands in Guangdong for medical and educational expertise, while also helping gear the medical resources within the bay area to international standards. For example, Tu said, mature practices in Hong Kong can be extended to Guangdong, like the certification of doctors.   

Extending fields where Hong Kong and Macau are superior to the mainland is also to the benefit of the two special administrative regions, according to Professor Hu Gang, president of the South China Urban Research Institute, under Guangzhou-based Ji’nan University. Given the rapidly developing infrastructure on the mainland, once the resources from Hong Kong and Macau are connected to the Pearl River Delta market, they can basically reach the entire country.   

But, Hu warned, there are plenty of obstacles. For instance, it’s quite difficult for Hong Kong and Macau lawyers to practice in mainland, since the legal systems are completely different. That means there's a long way to go before the "circle of life" can be established.