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Chinese Companies in the US Optimistic about Prospects

The majority of Chinese companies based in the US are confident in their future investment and business dealings in the country

By Xie Yi Updated Jun.13

The majority of US-based Chinese enterprises have expressed strong confidence in investment opportunities and business operations in the US in the years to come, according to a survey released on Wednesday.

86 percent of the Chinese companies surveyed expect a rise in revenue in the following 3 to 5 years. 48 percent of the companies will increase their investment in the US market. 71 percent of the companies plan to hire more employees as they expand in the US.

The survey also shows that 85 percent of the companies do not believe that the slowing of China's economic growth has affected their plans for investing in the US. 87 percent of the enterprises will reinvest all or most of their US profits in US operations, increasing from 73 percent of companies in 2016.

However, more than half of the companies express concern over the tightening supervision and restrictions on investment proposed by the Trump administration.

It is the fourth consecutive year that the China General Chamber of Commerce USA (CGCC) and the CGCC Foundation have conducted the survey on Chinese companies’ assessment of the US market and policy environment, their yearly business performance and operations, and their future development plans in the country. 

This year’s survey covers more than 500 Chinese member companies in the US that represent the majority of Chinese investment volume and approximately 200,000 local jobs.