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Shirley Young: Advancing Sino-US Links (Part 2)

Shirley Young on her experience of promoting communications between the peoples of the US and China

By Xie Yi Updated May.4

Shirley Young has been witness to the great changes in Sino-US relations. As the daughter of a diplomatic family, Young has striven to promote communications with China from a young age. In recent decades she has sought to strengthen the US-China dialogue through business, culture and art.

Here she talks about Chinese Americans finding their voice and the difference between the people and politics.

Young is the President of Shirley Young Associates, an advisory firm that caters to companies interested in doing business in China. She is also the governor and founding chairperson of the Committee of 100, a national Chinese-American leadership organization, and she also serves as chair of the committee of 100 Cultural Institute, an organization dedicated to bridging the cultural gap between the US and China through art and education.