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Designer Taoray Wang on Identity and Mission

Shanghai-based fashion designer Taoray Wang brings her Chinese drama-inspired collection to New York

By Xie Yi Updated Mar.7

Shanghai-based fashion designer Taoray Wang recently brought her latest collection, inspired by contemporary Chinese drama, to New York. The collection earned her cheers of approval at New York Fashion Week.

Thanks to her cross-cultural background, growing up and working in various cities around the world, along with her strong identity awareness of being a female designer and entrepreneur, Wang's designs embody the qualities that represent powerful, professional and modern women, with a unique twist of East meets West.

Two years ago, Wang launched her eponymous brand, Taoray Wang, in New York. The stunning collections and the message her design conveys – to inspire and empower modern women – have gained her many fans, including Tiffany Trump. The 23-year-old first daughter has worn Taoray Wang on many occasions, including President Trump's inauguration. 

"I think my design is a mixing of diversity, bring differences into one. That's something I believe," says the designer.