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January 2017

Beijing knows that promoting smart climate action is vital for the world’s future. That’s why it’s pioneering green finance to find the funding to transform the globe

The call for a shift toward a more balanced growth and financial system set the stage for China’s rapid rise to be the world’s champion green bonds issuer. Investors still lag behind

China’s national carbon trading market, once it is launched in 2017, will be the largest of its kind and one of the most ambitious environmental programs in the world. The country’s environmental veterans regard the project with both hope and skepticism

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A grassroots scientist has invented herbicide additives and fertilizers that reduce the side-effects of chemical treatments, but has found it hard to get his products accepted

Guo Chuan, the ‘No.1 sailor in China’ and the first Asian to circumnavigate the globe non-stop, has gone missing in his latest trans-Pacific world record attempt – but his legacy lives on