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February 2020

Once an isolated and desolate fortress, this former red capital is now a unique tourist destination with an equally unique backstory

As the Chinese economy appears to have arrived at a crossroad, the government must keep a clear head about the risks of liberal monetary policies and refrain from resorting to quantitative easing

During an inspection of the Yangtze River in April 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping said the river’s Fish Index of Biological Integrity has dropped to the level of “no fish” – the lowest on the six-scale ecological measuring system based on the fish population.

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Since May 2019, Hanergy, China’s leading thin-film power group for photovoltaic solar panels, has been unable to pay its wage bills, causing hundreds of employees to protest at the company’s Beijing headquarters.

Since 2014, China’s sharing economy has been growing wildly particularly in the bike and car sharing industry.

According to the white paper “Food Security in China” which was released by the State Council in October 2019, grain output in China has grown steadily to a per capita rate of around 470 kilograms, higher than the world average.