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September 2017

The lack of a centralized financial regulatory body often leads to over-regulation in some areas while a lack of coordination has left loopholes in others

Many Chinese fondly remember the scene on July 1, 1997, when the flag of China was raised at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center and history began a new chapter.

China is home to an estimated 61 million left-behind children whose parents have left home to seek work elsewhere in the country.

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Along with the growing wealth of the public and their quickening pace of life, nannies, once only hired by rich families, are common in many Chinese households.

Official statistics showed that Chinese enterprises conducted 438 overseas merger and acquisition transactions in 2016, with a total volume of US$215.8 billion – mostly funded by bank loans.

Corruption related to poverty alleviation programs usually involves small amounts of money but generates considerably negative impact.