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True Love Vaporizes among Young Chinese

South Reviews December 18, 2023

By NewsChina Updated Apr.1

The allure of true love has apparently waned among young Chinese. A shift toward transient crushes over enduring companionship prevails, driven by economic independence and a resistance to love-centric ideals. Young Chinese women are less submissive to men, even though for a marriage partner, they still value men’s social status, family background and looks. Meanwhile, less well-off young men hesitate to engage in relationships that involve commitments. They refuse advice on how to attract women. The increase in divorce rates shows it is becoming less stigmatized and more women are embracing it with dignity. Outdated societal norms surrounding pre-marital sex are eroding, as more young people eschew the prerequisite of love. In this evolving landscape, traditional notions of enduring love and societal expectations are giving way to a more pragmatic and liberated approach to relationships.