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Comedy Films Greet Lunar New Year

NewsChina, Chinese Edition January 22, 2024

By NewsChina Updated Apr.1

Expectations were high for Chinese comedy films such as Yolo, Pegasus II and The Movie Emperor, premiering ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays which began on February 10. Despite higher travel volumes compared to the previous year, pundits anticipated a vibrant holiday box office, particularly in smaller cities. Yolo was poised to lead at the box office due to its marketing strategy of unveiling the transformation of renowned female comedian Jia Ling, who shed about 50 kilograms for the film. Comedies have held sway at the Spring Festival box office since 2013 when Hong Kong filmmaker Stephen Chow struck gold with Journey to the West. Following suit, director Feng Xiaogang dominated with his black-humor comedies before transitioning to serious screenplays. This shift paved the way for younger generations, exemplified by the hit comedy, Johnny Keep Walking, which debuted on December 29, 2023.