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Chinese Scientists Raise the Curtain on AI Era

Global People December 16, 2023

By NewsChina Updated Mar.1

China’s strides in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have unfolded through distinct generations since the 1980s. Renowned scientist Cao Ruqian in 1980 encountered knowledge engineering for the first time at a lecture by Chinese American counterparts, leading to the invention of quasi-natural language to enable computer programs to grasp complex expressions. In 2011, technologist Liu Cong pioneered an online Chinese Speech Recognition System based on deep learning. Applied in sciences, medicine and daily life aids such as smart devices for the visually impaired, AI has engaged high-tech firms and created new careers like AI-generated content algorithm engineers. Last year, by pooling more social resources for its development, China’s AI technologies are expected to exert a more profound influence, although it will require enhanced security and ethical frameworks.