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Yangtze Biodiversity Underscores Govt Evaluations

NewsChina, Chinese Edition December 18, 2023

By NewsChina Updated Mar.1

China is to implement an evaluation system in 2025 to monitor local governments’ endeavors to restore Yangtze River biodiversity. Introduced by proposal in June 2023, the initiative not only targets improved water quality but also seeks to enhance the overall ecological environment along the river, drawing insights from the experiences of the US and EU. With 14 indexes, including fish, benthonic and plankton diversity, the system will be used to score endeavors such as coastline restoration and the increase in Yangtze finless porpoises, the river’s biodiversity barometer. The decade-long fishing ban on the Yangtze River, in place since 2020, has played a crucial role in preventing the extinction of these porpoises. Unified criteria, precise sampling and complete professionalism are prioritized to ensure fairness. AI technologies are also adopted, though not accurate enough with the current limited data collection.