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Domestic Abuse Should Not Be Tolerated

Fangyuan Magazine June 15, 2023

By NewsChina Updated Sept.1

In order to safeguard women from domestic abuse when they end relationships with men, China passed a revised law on January 1 which criminalizes not only physical attacks but also any attempts to harass and molest women as well as disclose and spread their private and personal information. Women have been subject to extreme violence and intimidation by their ex-partners, including knife attacks and threats to post compromising pictures or videos. This makes them reluctant to ask for help due to concerns for their safety or distrust in the judicial system. Experts cautioned that delaying justice may exacerbate the abuse. They advised women to trust the legal system, not to establish a relationship in haste and be alert to some of the tactics abusers use to induce women to stay, including threatening to commit suicide or other acts of violence.