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China Is Challenged by US Asia-Pacific Policy

World Affairs April 16, 2023

By NewsChina Updated Jul.1

In the belief that China is the only country with the intent and power to reshape the international order, the Biden Administration established the QUAD security grouping, set up a comprehensive strategic partnership with ASEAN, rolled out the Pacific Deterrence Initiative and leveraged China’s Taiwan question over the past few years to decouple from and contain China. It is cementing ties with Japan and South Korea and developing nuclear-powered submarines with Australia despite criticisms from South and Southeast Asian countries. Under the guise of curbing illegal fishing, the US is proposing the Indo-Pacific Maritime Domain Awareness Initiative to share data and launch a recognition system without China’s participation. In 2023, China and ASEAN continued their negotiations on a Code of Conduct for the South China Sea. Beyond that, China is cementing relations with Central Asia to stabilize its western borders. Amid Sino-US tensions, NATO allies like France are trying to seek neutrality.