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Yuyu and Mickey

By NewsChina Updated Mar.1

Although livestreamer Yuyu is racking up followers, she is not the star of the show. Viewers have been stopping in for Mickey, her Italian greyhound who she dresses up for photo shoots in high-end fashion. Followers praise Mickey for his big, blue eyes, grace and supermodel-like versatility. Yuyu, who works as a fashion stylist, said she carefully picks out Mickey’s outfits, which include clothes from luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. The Shanghai-based livestreamer said Mickey is a willing subject, as long as she pays him in doggie treats. Yuyu told media that at first she intended to record their daily life together and dressing up Mickey was to make him look “a bit more fashionable” than other dogs. But Yuyu soon discovered that Mickey is a natural model. He became so popular that brands have reached out to Yuyu and Mickey to promote their clothes. “Sometimes Mickey makes facial expressions while working with the photographer... It’s like he knows he’s under the spotlight,” Yuyu told The Paper.