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Genetic Medical Revolution in Sight

Xinmin Weekly July 25, 2022

By NewsChina Updated Oct.1

Over the past few years, metagenomics, a genetic testing technology which takes samples directly from the environment, has developed quickly in China, due to its fast and more accurate identification of microorganisms. Teaming up with forefront sciences, genetic testing in China is almost on par with technologies developed in the West, and even leads in some specified fields. However, weak links, such as insufficient national genetic databases and high charges are still to be addressed. To build a stronger database, Huaxi Hospital in Sichuan Province is working on the genetic sequencing of 100,000 rare diseases. Meanwhile, the cost of metagenetic testing has reduced by 100 times from 10 years ago. With a growing number of third-party institutes involved in genetic testing, a medical revolution is approaching.