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US Indo-Pacific Strategy Aiming to Shape China’s Neighboring Area

World Affairs April 16, 2022

By NewsChina Updated Jul.1

In February, the White House released its first “Indo-Pacific Strategy.” Some Chinese analysts believe it shows the US's resolve to shift its strategic center to the Indo-Pacific Region no matter what happens in other parts of the world. They remark that the Biden administration, unlike the previous Trump administration, pays much more attention to strengthening its ties not only with its treaty allies, but also with “leading regional partners.” It will also build connectivity between the EU and the Indo-Pacific region. For China, the question is how important the Indo-Pacific region is in the US’s new global strategy. And it is clear that the US is trying to shape China’s neighboring areas based on US interests and ideology in the following decade. China needs to win the hearts of its neighbors through better implementation of projects like the Belt&Road Initiative.