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“Animal abuse not only harms animals’ health but also poses threats to human life and property.

By NewsChina Updated May.1

Animal abuse not only harms animals’ health but also poses threats to human life and property.It may even develop into vicious incidents that harm society, stability and harmony.”  

Zhu Lieyu,a delegate to the National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s highest legislature, proposing the creation of an animal abuse law during China’s two sessions. This year marks the fifth time Zhu has proposed the law
“Crimes involving abducting and trafficking women and children should include nonfeasance whose statute of limitations should not end until the case is closed. In other words, authorities should have the power to prosecute any government department official or employee who does not fulfil their duties.”  

Luo Xiang, director of the Criminal Law Institute at the China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing, in an article for NewsChina’s Chinese edition on the nine-month nationwide campaign against abducting and trafficking women and children launched by the Ministry of Public Security on March 1
“I hope the government provides employment opportunities to the elderly through three-year contracts with retirees that are willing and able to work.”  

Bai Yansong, a member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and host on China Central Television (CCTV), on the idea of government-led labor market for the elderly in response to China’s rapidly aging society, during China's two sessions
“In the long run, the future development of energy will not be determined by who possesses natural resources but by advanced technological breakthroughs... China has to redefine and reevaluate its endowed energy resources.”  

Xu Dingming, former director of the National Energy Administration, at a carbon neutrality forum hosted by Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management on February 26
“We should revise the standards for organic fertilizer and set up indicators for salt and oil content [in kitchen waste] as soon as possible. It’s urgent that we have specs for processing kitchen waste and standards for turning kitchen waste into animal feed.”  

Xie Deti, NPC delegate and professor at Southwest University in Chongqing during China’s two sessions 

“The biggest difference lies in the fact that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory and the Taiwan question is entirely China’s internal affairs while the Ukraine issue arose from contention between two countries, namely Russia and Ukraine... The future of Taiwan lies in the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations and the country’s reunification, rather than ‘empty promises’ made by external forces.”  

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at a press conference on March 7, Xinhua News Agency reported  

“How the US chooses to raise its competitiveness, including development and manufacturing of chips, is its own business, but to use China’s progress as an excuse will only erode the mutual trust and cooperation between the two countries and eventually hurt the US’s own interests... I also want to underscore that to draw lines based on ideology, or form small cliques and stoke confrontation between blocs are all acts against the trend of the times and they will lead to nowhere.”  

Zhang Yesui, spokesperson for the fifth annual session of China’s 13th National People’s Congress at a press conference on March 4, China Daily reported  

“Large concentrations of old, weak, sick and disabled people live in rural areas. To prevent those with mental illnesses from acting out against society, we should increase assistance to these groups, or it may heavily affect social stability in rural areas.”  

Sun Bin, NPC delegate and farmer in Heilongjiang Province, calling for improved mental health services in rural areas during the two sessions  

“With few theaters close by, it’s more difficult for people in rural areas to see movies. Could we call on social organizations to open free theaters in villages that provide rural people with outstanding, educational and contemporary movies?”  

Jackie Chan, action film star and CPPCC member during the two sessions