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Accountability for Data Leaks

Minsheng Weekly July 8, 2020

By NewsChina Updated Oct.1

Big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technologies have brought great changes to the way people live and work, and consumers have to face a trade-off between convenience and privacy. According to statistics from the China Internet Network Information Center, 54 percent of netizens in China have had problems involving cybersecurity and 28.5 percent of netizens have had personal information leaked. The China Consumers Association said that mobile apps are the biggest source of personal information breaches and 26.7 percent of users never read user agreements or privacy reminders. Although the government has enacted policies and regulations to tighten supervision on the usage of data, it is high time to construct a tracking system to trace the source of information leaks and abuse, and hold accountable any institution or individual that violates user privacy.