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What they say

What they say

“In big cities, finding a nanny is even harder than finding a wife.”

By NewsChina Updated Feb.1

In big cities, finding a nanny is even harder than finding a wife.” 

Jing Zhu, president of Haima Investment Group, drawing attention to China’s swelling population of seniors and the shrinking population of young people, at the 20th Guanghua New Year Forum at Peking University held in late December 2018.
“Without structural reform, China’s economic power won’t grow. [Economic] structure is much more important than [economic] aggregate.” 

Li Yining, dean emeritus of the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, speaking at the 20th Guanghua New Year Forum at Peking University.
“That scary man is back!” 

Japanese magazine World Table Tennis on Chinese table tennis star Liu Guoliang being named chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association. In June 2017, Liu unexpectedly stepped down as head coach of the Chinese national table tennis team. The comment is a nod to Liu’s dominant career in the sport. 
“When people tell you a song is popular, it’s [only] because the singer is popular, so they think the song must be popular as well. But my ears tell me that those songs are shit.” 

Chinese rock artist Zheng Jun on the credibility of pop music charts during an interview program hosted by Tencent.
“As globalization brings countries to more closely depend on each other, the US’s emphasis on a return to manufacturing is flying in the face of current stable industrial patterns and supply chains. It is against economic patterns and will be hard to carry out.” 

Zhu Guangyao, former finance minister, at the 20th Guanghua New Year Forum at Peking University.

“The reason private enterprises have difficulties raising money lies in too much government interference in the financial system. The most important factor in encouraging commercial banks to grant loans to medium- and small-sized businesses is allowing the market to price the risk.” 

Huang Yiping, deputy dean of National School of Development, Peking University, hosting a forum on financial risk at the 2018 Caixin (a financial news portal) Summit.  
“We can’t favor certain stakeholders once a problem arises. How and when will we realize rule of law if the market fails to remain neutral?” 

Li Yang, director of the Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, on the government’s preferential policies for State-owned enterprises, at the 2018 Caixin Summit. 
“China has neither the ability nor space to spur the real estate industry in 2019 and even for some time in the future. If it is forcibly stimulated, the results won’t be as optimistic as expected.  

Wan Zhao, economics columnist for financial news portal Caixin on whether or not China’s housing prices have peaked. 
“For more than 20 years, the Chinese-style capital market has suffered from shortages of long-term investment capital and institutional capital. Instead, the entire market moved to individual stock investors.” 

Huang Qifan, former deputy director member of the Finance and Economics Committee of the National People’s Congress, speaking at the 10th Global PE Beijing Forum on equity investment.