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What they say

What They Say

“For many young parents, raising children is a learning process. The majority of young parents have no way of foreseeing the risks while raising a child. Criminal charges can indeed deter parents from negligence, but they are the last resort and are not the best option in all circumstances.”

By NewsChina Updated Jun.1

If China’s General Administration of Sport and the Chinese Basketball Association [CBA] could allow the latter’s president Yao Ming more rights to speak his opinions, and to take the lead on developing China’s basketball market, couldn’t he bring his NBA experience to China as well?” 

Li Xiaopeng, a commentator for Zhejiang’s Qianjiang Evening News, on Yao Ming’s selection as the new President of the CBA. 

“The key sign as to whether or not sex education is effective is whether or not it prevents pre-marital pregnancies. The lack of sex education classes, qualified teachers and teaching materials hinders the development of sex education in China.”  

Li Yinhe, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and sociologist, commenting on the current status of sex education, on news portal www.infzm.com. 

“Imported branded shoes can be banned on campus, but can the trend of unrealistic comparisons between students be banned? Banning such shoes is, in the final analysis, a mere palliative.”  

Zhang Li, a commentator for news site www.rmzxb.com.cn, arguing that the ban on imported shoes imposed by a high school is not a solution to snobbery among students. 

“Traditional media must carry out reforms in personnel management as well as financing reforms, invest more in content... and the intellectual property rights of in-depth news products should be protected. ”  

Bai Yansong, a well-known TV host with China Central Television, on how to prevent journalists from quitting the sector, when interviewed by The Beijing News.