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By NewsChina Updated May.1

A song by the Shanghai Rainbow Indoor Chorus, which went viral over Spring Festival, portrayed the dilemma of young people faced by a barrage of questions and harassment from relatives during their trip home for the holiday. The song was hugely popular among young people, but some of the older generation responded angrily, accusing the current generation of being selfish – ironically, a behavior satirized by the song itself. Conductor Jin Chengzhi, who wrote the song based on his own experience, said his family realized he was being pestered by the kindly nagging after listening to the piece, and he hoped the music would help others bridge the gap between the two generations. 

“These twittering greetings laden with interrogations reveal the competitive nature of aunts, uncles and everyone else, and there is a potential message that young people should talk openly with their parents instead of avoiding the awkwardness.”