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With snow-capped peaks, blue skies and waters, Qinghai Lake and Chaka Salt Lake are a photographer’s dream - if you can avoid the scarf aunties

I was ultimately directed to a desk manned by another harried member of the security services, who was attempting to deal with two elderly people who had apparently perplexed one of the world’s strictest disease control systems by not owning smartphones

My family, fully addicted coffee drinkers, were coming to visit from Canada, so I asked Qingyun to help me buy the equipment I needed. Who knew a premim coffee grinder could cost hundreds of dollars? Same for a long-necked kettle imported from Japan. This was shaping up to be an expensive hobby

As the Covid-19 pandemic is a public health crisis, a Covid-19 vaccine should be considered a public good, which is nonexclusive and non-rivalrous. If the less well-off in society are cut off from access to the vaccine, it could trigger more outbreaks

NewsChina, Chinese Edition September 14, 2020

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China’s recent legal reform has identified and addressed dozens of wrongful convictions, but those behind these controversial cases remain at large

In an economy still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Chinese migrant workers are heading back to the countryside as jobs in cities dwindle, posing challenges to local employers, governments and job markets


Twenty-nine people died after a village restaurant collapsed on August 29 in North China’s Shanxi Province.

The discovery that people have been reinfected with Covid-19 is causing concern over the efficacy of vaccines, while scientists warn against making hasty conclusions


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