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Some of them are clearly vandalized. You’ll see several together looking violated with their inner tubes pulled out and trailing on the ground, but many others have simply broken with use due to their cheap components.

Hoh Xil was inscribed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in July, but urgent threats to this pristine wilderness remain

Opening up China's financial services sector doesn’t mean allowing capital to flow in and out of country freely

High labor costs, political risks, rising populism and cultural differences are the major challenges denting Chinese companies overseas

Rural children's lack of access to reading materials is fueling the cycle of poverty in China's villages, the People's Daily reports

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After a year of trials, China is set to roll out a three-level supervisory system nationwide to oversee all public officials according to a new set of legal standards

Analysts hope extending rural land leases for an additional 30 years will bolster the rural economy and provide certainty for farmers


There were a total of 11.62 million live births in China over the first eight months of 2017, representing a 2.4 percent year-on-year increase, with 52 percent of the babies being the second child in their families.

China has rich raw material reserves to produce ethanol fuel but it is urgent to upgrade technology and reform the supervision mechanism before putting it into scale production


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