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French President Emmanuel Macron will need to focus on Europe and US relations, despite the assurances given to New Delhi on security issues

An economic recession in the US will be bad news for China and should prompt a rethink about China-US relations, a scholar says

Chinese think tanks need to focus more on innovation and less on self-promotion, an analyst says

China should advance rural collective property rights reform, train more professional farmers, and provide financial services tailored to rural needs, experts say

As young people migrate to urban areas, fewer are willing to speak in their local dialect, although they are important for preserving regional traditions and culture

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The 12th Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s highest legislative body, held its last meeting on January 30, during which the delegates present passed a resolution to submit a draft Constitutional amendment to the new NPC, whose delegates have been elected and are scheduled to hold their first meeting on March 5, 2018.

New demographic data suggests China’s aging population crisis will come sooner and hit harder than predicted


A spate of sexual harassment cases on Chinese campuses has generated a huge public outcry to ‘put the power of supervisors in a cage’

To lighten medical burdens and rein in unnecessary treatment, a number of provincial governments in China have performed radical surgery on the system itself – putting a limit on public hospital spending on medical consumables that prevents doctors from even performing operations


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