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The child is often the major consideration over whether a couple divorces or not, and many choose to stay unhappily married

Identifying who should benefit from poverty alleviation efforts is difficult as there is no national standard, and local governments use their own criteria

Businesses warn two million jobs could be lost if final tariffs are enacted

Local competitive mechanism should not be and will not be discarded, but needs reforms and innovations, says top economist

As the supply of agricultural products in China feels impacts of the trade war and several natural disasters this year, investment in agricultural infrastructure and diversifying supply is more crucial than ever, read a recent editorial

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Initiatives to relax China’s decades-old hukou system at local and central levels may soon change the face of the country’s urban populations as they compete for skilled professionals

Speeding up construction of ‘new types of infrastructure’ is expected to provide new stimulus to China’s next round of stabilizing investment and growth


New data from China’s National Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Civil Affairs shows that the marriage rate has been dropping for five consecutive years.  

Low rates of dog vaccination have hindered efforts to eliminate rabies despite massive consumption of human-use vaccines – and irrational fears about the disease are compounding the problem


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