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Legalizing the renting of rural dwellings on the outskirts of cities will be a boon for the people who live there. But how will it affect China’s rental market?

Can Beijing’s experiment provide a new solution for China’s housing market?

A Chinese business leader says the birth control regulations should be removed from China's Constitution

Top economist says governments must be clear about what financial risks are necessary, and should then hand optional risks to other financial institutions

In the past three decades, India and Israel have expanded their cooperation to anti-terrorism, intelligence-sharing, agriculture and significantly, the military, a Chinese political expert says

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A recent fire in a suburban district of Beijing catalyzed a citywide campaign to demolish illegal buildings and evict migrant workers, on top of the capital’s attempts to deal with issues of overpopulation and shoddy construction

After a year of trials, China is set to roll out a three-level supervisory system nationwide to oversee all public officials according to a new set of legal standards


Several drug rehabilitation centers in southern China’s Zhejiang Province have employed virtual reality to help drug users abandon their addiction

China’s English training market has been expanding rapidly, especially for children, and despite the shortfall in qualified teachers, it is attracting a lot of investment, especially to the online-only market


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