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The solution to North Korea’s nuclear issue would require China to “think outside the box” as existing approaches are expected to have a limited or even negative effect, a scholar suggests

Slowdown in labor-intensive exports growth is a prelude to transformation and upgrading of the country's foreign trade structure, according to economist

As hukou reform involved vested interests, central government hasn't pushed hard enough, says a report

State-owned enterprises need private capital and new ideas, says postdoc student.

Chinese law agrees that works created by AI have no copyright protection.

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Tensions across the Taiwan strait remain high as Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen makes Us stopovers on her trip to Central America following just one month after her controversial phone call with President-elect Donald Trump

China plans to establish a single over-arching branch of government to investigate and curb corruption at all levels


According to incomplete statistics, a total of 245 senior Chinese officials committed suicide or disappeared between 2009 and early December 2016. Mounting pressure from the cruelly competitive officialdom and the sweeping anti-corruption campaign is believed to be partly to blame

so many elderly people are moving to other cities to care for their grandchildren that the phenomenon is changing the structure of the Chinese family


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