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NHS points to high cost of R&D, lack of insurance and patients' behavior as to why cancer treatment costs are sky high

China can hold itself steady and pull through the trade friction with America, a scholar claims

The fact that several high profile international companies are setting up new production facilities in China demonstrates the nation continues to be attractive for investment

Sometimes school decisionmakers block the discussion to avoid blowback. If some students do not comply they might be threatened with failing their classes

Some spaces are used for illegal behavior, but authorities should not be too rushed to regulate private cinemas, lawyer says

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The best way for China to celebrate four decades of ambitious economic progress is to show it means business

A sweeping restructure is in place to make the government and the Party more adaptive to the modern era, and better able to build a rising, large nation


China has set new standards for English learning that aim to put an end to the days when students could pass a test, but not actually speak

With the rise of celebrity culture, China’s private security industry is growing rapidly. Yet there are few regulations, and the sector is little understood, with many people equating the profession with what they see in a kung fu movie


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