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More and more families depend on housekeepers, argues Li Qinyu, but there's few checks on past criminal records or other bad behavior.

The two countries need to share information and jointly exercise "arms control" in cyberspace, argues Li Zheng.

Despite the huge size of trade between the two, there's relatively little bilateral investment. That needs to change.

Online trade puts even the tiniest firms on the same playing field as giants, says Alibaba-linked expert

Feng Xiaogang is wrong to call China's movie-goers "rubbish," says commentator Cui Hong

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China’s military was once respected, but is now finding it harder and harder to recruit the men and women it needs. Can reforms help its transformation into a modern military?

China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection has sent 18 inspection teams, led by the Ministry’s top officials and staffed by a mix of its own personnel and staff from local governments, to inspect air quality on the spot in Beijing, Tianjin and 16 other northern cities plagued by smog.


Two important signals show that China seems to be tightening home mortgage loans, reported Securities Daily.

‘Tuanyuan,’ a software system developed by Alibaba, has been hugely successful in finding missing children. Its push notifications to a range of the most commonly-used apps in China are proving crucial in the fight against child abduction and trafficking


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