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China’s reshuffle of its financial regulatory system suggests a more systematic approach, a government consultant says

South Korea is seeking support from Russia for its “New Northern Policy”

The slowdown in government investment will help reduce risk and achieve more sustainable future economic growth, an expert says

The new personal tax reform will ease people's burdens and contribute to social fairness, a Party-run paper editorializes

News reports have revealed many resettlement complexes are of poor quality and remain deserted

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The best way for China to celebrate four decades of ambitious economic progress is to show it means business

A sweeping restructure is in place to make the government and the Party more adaptive to the modern era, and better able to build a rising, large nation


China has set new standards for English learning that aim to put an end to the days when students could pass a test, but not actually speak

With the rise of celebrity culture, China’s private security industry is growing rapidly. Yet there are few regulations, and the sector is little understood, with many people equating the profession with what they see in a kung fu movie


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