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Local communities unite in the fight against Covid-19

UN Assistant Secretary-General Fabrizio Hochschild Drummond on multilateralism and the collective efforts of the international community.

Professor Jeffery Sachs on the possibility of a new cold war and international cooperation

Experts are divided over China’s economic strategy. While some have argued for more aggressive and expansive monetary and fiscal policies, others advocated for a more prudent and cautious approach

NewsChina, Chinese Edition August 16, 2020

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A survey by Edelman Public Relations Worldwide found that Chinese people’s trust in the Chinese government has reached 95 percent, top among all the surveyed countries, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Local authorities are being sued more often and defendants have more chance of winning. Is the trend helping government agencies stick to the letter of the law?


The summer floods that hit the Yangtze River Valley and its tributaries have laid bare the limitations of the country’s flood control system in the Three Gorges Dam

For years, China’s younger migrant workers have been abandoning factory jobs, once a backbone of growth, for delivery and courier work offering better pay and greater flexibility. This ongoing trend has only increased during the coronavirus pandemic and is stirring concerns over the future of China’s manufacturing industry


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