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The traditional custom of teasing newlyweds has come under fire after a bridegroom almost died after guests sprayed him with fire extinguishers

While nuclear weapons and the economy still prevent direct conflict, the relationship is in serious danger and needs careful handling and tolerance, say security scholars

China sends over 40 aircraft for new air patrols of its East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone

Chinese dancer Kaidi Li brings traditional Chinese costume back to life through her performances in New York and beyond

On a trip to Yangshuo, the author finds one local man gets everywhere

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Analysts expect the cross-Strait relationship to witness rising political and economic tension under the administration of Taiwan’s new leader, Tsai Ing-wen

China’s supreme military leadership unveils plans to curtail the PLA’s commercial activities, part of an ongoing shakeup of China’s armed forces


The deaths of four people during an alleged forced demolition reflect how tensions and distrust between the local government and the public have far from dissipated

Han Chunyu, an associate professor at a little-known Chinese university, shocked the scientific world with his discovery of a new gene-editing technology


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