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China can source products from other regions and adjust agricultural patterns to offset impact of tariffs on US farm products

While the crisis was not expected to impact China significantly, experts said the country should prepare for a chain reaction brought by the impact on emerging economies

A 90-year-old aerodynamics researcher says Chinese scientists need to think bigger and be prepared to take more risks

China's household, corporate and government debts should be cut in unison, a research team argues

International community is seeking ways to bypass the US's sanctions, which have been universally condemned

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The best way for China to celebrate four decades of ambitious economic progress is to show it means business

A sweeping restructure is in place to make the government and the Party more adaptive to the modern era, and better able to build a rising, large nation


Chinese scientists have successfully developed a new universal antibody drug that it is hoped could prevent people from contracting HIV, as well as treat the virus

To help persuade rural dwellers to give up the tradition of burying the deceased in tombs that take up valuable land in favor of cremation, officials are enlisting the help of trusted local feng shui practitioners


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