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We must not go from one extreme to another, ignoring the value of publishing altogether, a professor says

Through a combination of policies and rhetoric US President Donald Trump is effectively manipulating the exchange rate of the US dollar, a scholar argues

Graduates from better-ranked universities attract better starting pay, although the differences may not last

Germany will hike its military budget because of its current disproportionately small budget and dwindling military capabilities as much as US pressure, says researcher

Top managers need to delegate more and put plans in place to ensure smooth transitions of power, says editorial

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China’s expenditure on overseas trips, vehicles and receptions for government officials has fallen continuously due to a frugality drive and market price fluctuations

Beijing’s sub-center will balance work, life and public facilities to take pressure off the capital


With the strong development momentum of bamboo as a renewable, low-carbon alternative to conventional material for infrastructure construction, will China lead a new green revolution?

China is hoping to create an army of soccer heroes to become a world-class powerhouse in the men’s game. Can foreign coaches and their more relaxed methods succeed where the punishing training regimes of the past failed to get past the post?


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