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Chinese laws and regulations should specify that doctors have the right to refuse medical treatment to patients when their safety is threatened, argues a news commentator

A Chinese professor analyses the opportunities and challenges surrounding the dispute and urges India to show sincerity in future negotiations

While hailing the latest reform measure as substantial progress, a commentator for The Beijing News also called for more detailed regulations to ensure a level playing field

In 2020, regulation and control policies on the housing market are stabilizing nationwide, with most Chinese cities still holding a firm grip, read an editorial in the newspaper Economic Daily

Business communities playing a vital role in strengthening US-China relationship was the theme of the evening at the China General Chamber of Commerce – USA's Lunar New Year Gala on January 8 in New York City

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A murder committed by a 13-year-old boy has rekindled debate over the minimum age of criminal responsibility in China

China’s ruling party highlighted the “institutional advantages” of its political system in its recent fourth plenum, pledging to promote the modernization of its governance system which will not be influenced by Western-style leadership


Officials say an overloaded truck is to blame for the fatal collapse of an overpass. But forcing the trucking industry to halt the chronic malpractice is not so easy

Is the Gen-Z mania for blind box toys just a way to provide enjoyment in a stressful life, or is it the next collectible bubble waiting to burst?


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