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The key to promoting consumption and boosting demand is to improve income distribution and put more money in the hands of low- and middle-income groups, analysts said

NewsChina, Chinese Edition January 11, 2021

Honesty Outlook December 31, 2020

Caixin Weekly December 28, 2020

Fangyuan Magazine December 9, 2020

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Former vice commerce minister argues that repetitive construction projects and homogeneous competition stand as major obstacles to China constructing a single mass market

Concern is mounting over the wide application of facial recognition technology and the damage irresponsible storage of personal data can cause


Lack of supervision and support systems in rural China are a major reason why some village officials turn into local tyrants, experts say

Deep in downtown Jilin, the Five Yuan Women’s Dormitory was a home for the city’s poor, destitute and homeless for over two decades - before suddenly shutting its doors


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