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The recurring devaluation of the yuan over the past two years, in the wake of a decade of its appreciation, may not be a big problem.

China sets up a lifelong accountability system for polluters to arrest worsening soil pollution

The country's top postal service regulator joined other agencies in issuing a new, more specific regulation on the goods banned from express delivery.

Despite Trump and his chief China advisers calling for a trade war, the Ministry of Commerce says too much binds the two economies together

A sexually explicit classic novel, and the story of its long path towards possible publication, reveals the shifting attitudes toward taboo subjects

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A new defense transport law reflects China’s ambition to build power projection capabilities both at home and abroad

Chinese judges are normally on their own career track, but an increasing number of lawyers are donning judges’ uniforms in an attempt to bring fresh blood into the system


The augmented reality game Pokémon Go has swept the globe. Though the game isn’t officially out in China yet, hungry Chinese gamers are trying everything they can to play it

Thanks to his talent for music, after graduating from primary school in the Zhongguancun area of Beijing’s Haidian district, Peng Bo, 12, entered the junior high school affiliated to the nearby Beijing Haidian Teachers’ Training College. The school, close to his home and among the capital’s best, made Peng’s mother Yu Jie very satisfied indeed.


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