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Like it or not, China can eliminate the virus from within its borders but not from the whole world. Unless China opts to close its borders forever, it has to face the reality that the virus will stick around for the long term

NewsChina, Chinese Edition August 12, 2021

Caijing July 26, 2021

Southern Metropolis Weekly August 12, 2021

YiMagazine August 12, 2021

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China has launched its national carbon market, but experts say it will need to increase energy prices to make it financially viable

Experts call on authorities to break up monopolies on data in the public and private sectors to promote sound growth of the digital economy. NewsChina presents some of their views on digital and data issues


China’s State Council issued a document on birth encouragement in late July, proposing measures to encourage people to have a third child.

China’s State Council published a white paper on China’s achievement of building allround moderate prosperity on August 12, which it said represents China’s efforts in protecting human rights.


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