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While China’s monthly consumption growth rate for April hit a new low since May 2003, the drop indicates a seasonal fluctuation rather than a downtrend, read a recent commentary

Although they are allowed in public places, many people object to guide dogs being on public transportation, causing great inconvenience to their owners

Scholar proposes a tax arrangement that will dampen the overheating in local governments' competition for attracting short-term investment

China needs more academic debate as it undergoes transition, as economists discuss what the primary forces are on its economic development

The State should recognize their important role in foreign trade and provide more preferential policies, reads a recent editorial

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As China faces increasing pressure to create new work opportunities and a skilled labor force, it must consider new tactics to stabilize the job market and the wider economy

China has published updated regulations on its highway network, but will the new rules stamp out the enthusiasm for ever more loss-making roads?


At least 78 people have died and another 604 are seriously injured in an explosion at a chemical plant in Xiangshui County, Jiangsu Province. Hundreds of others were injured by the explosion at Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical Plant on the afternoon of March 21.  

A high-profile academic misconduct scandal involving a Chinese actor has aroused public scrutiny of alleged plagiarism and institutions cashing in on stardom


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