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If China becomes too obsessed with becoming self-reliant, it risks isolation and lagging even further behind

NewsChina, Chinese Edition November 2, 2020

Caixin Weekly October 18, 2020

Southern Metropolis Weekly October 18, 2020

Capital Week November 9, 2020

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Warning of “profound changes unseen in a century,” China is confident it can achieve an upward growth trajectory with a new ambitious plan to become a rich, modern, fair and strong power by 2035

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen, China’s first Special Economic Zone, Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed the country will double down on reform and opening-up


China mulls over lowering the minimum criminal liability age amid growing public concerns over juvenile violence

The recent craze among China’s western universities to open branches or institutes in the east has exposed the huge economic gaps and uneven education resources between the regions


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