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Musician Natti Vogel on how China's ever-changing and multi-layered society inspires his work

The coronavirus pandemic, which caused severe disruption to global supply chains, has further exposed the negative impact of globalization on domestic economies. As the world seems to have arrived at a crossroads, policymakers around the globe should take a new approach to establishing a new form of globalization

NewsChina, Chinese Edition June 15, 2020

People’s Weekly May 21, 2020

Xinmin Weekly May 30, 2020

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The potential for smart cities to drive Chinese economic and social growth is huge, despite criticisms of their slow responses to Covid-19

China’s ambitious group buying program aims to reform its centralized drug procurement system, curb bribery, ease financial burdens on patients and eventually reshuffle the pharmaceutical industry


China only has one specialist facility for people in a persistent vegetative state and its founder is struggling to gain recognition and support for its patients

The worldwide race for a Covid-19 vaccine has yielded initial results, yet the effectiveness of these vaccines is still unknown


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