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Promoting China's role in international financial operations and rule making could be more helpful in expanding the country's global influence than buying financial assets

Women with severe menstrual cramps or heavy, irregular periods can take one or two days off in more than 10 Chinese municipalities and provinces, but netizens question whether this measure, which was intended to help women, might actually harm them

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang talked with urgency about addressing the various risks to the country's public health in a keynote meeting over the weekend

Government funding is being slashed for extraneous posts in Chinese hospitals in a bid to revitalize a moribund sector

After it came to light that a college in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, dismissed an English teacher shortly after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, China's online community worried that the country's labor laws don't do enough to protect workers.

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China’s supreme military leadership unveils plans to curtail the PLA’s commercial activities, part of an ongoing shakeup of China’s armed forces

Basketball star Yao Ming wants to privatize Chinese basketball and model the national league on the NBA. Of the league’s 20 teams, 18 are behind him. Can he manage to sink this basket?


The death of a 21-year-old cancer patient has drawn renewed attention to the awkward fusion of public interest, technology and profiteering that continues to plague China’s healthcare sector

Authorities are cracking down harder on people who sell doctors’ appointment slots, but with massive financial incentives and minimal legal ramifications, systemic changes are needed to squash the scalpers


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