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The Trump presidency will continue to be distracted by trade issues and the North Korea nuclear crisis, a geopolitical scholar says

National intervention is needed to regulate China's bike-sharing industry and consumers should take companies that don't return their cash deposits to court, experts say

While Trump’s Indo-Pacific strategy remains unclear, improving relations with China has become Japan's best means to stimulate economic growth

The China-led Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) has a promising future, China's former vice-minister of commerce has argued

Changes to Chinese accounting certifications have stirred debate

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Can Beijing’s experiment provide a new solution for China’s housing market?

Legalizing the renting of rural dwellings on the outskirts of cities will be a boon for the people who live there. But how will it affect China’s rental market?


China is now home to over 150 million allergy sufferers, the number of which is still rising, but a lack of understanding of allergies by medical authorities makes it hard for doctors and experts to conduct deeper studies and formulate better treatment

A delivery room tragedy has challenged a millennium-old belief held by the Chinese public: childbirth should be painful


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