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But if inflation is under control and there is no serious financial instability, China needs to adopt more expansive measures to achieve faster growth

NewsChina, Chinese Edition March 14, 2022

Capital Week March 11, 2022

Xinmin Weekly February 24, 2022

Caijing Magazine February 28, 2022

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China’s National Development and Reform Commission and several other departments issued a document on February 18, rolling out a package of measures to promote stable growth in the industrial economy.

It’s time for China to promote rule-oriented institutional reforms to better couple with the international community, says National Development and Reform Commission official


China’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS) announced on March 1 a nationwide clampdown on the abduction and trafficking of children and women which will last from March 1 to December 31.

A year after a 30-day mandatory cooling-off period was introduced for civil divorce, more couples are turning to lawyers, which increases time, costs and results in clogged courts


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