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English training for children has expanded rapidly in China despite a shortfall in qualified teachers and is attracting plenty of investment, especially in the online-only market.

China has rich raw material reserves to produce ethanol fuel but it is urgent to upgrade technology and reform the supervision mechanism before putting it into scale production

At the nearby Huaqing Hot Springs resort, there was another five-star toilet, and it had an enormous marble lobby resplendent with a rather large fish tank

I was the only person on the slope, while every other slope I could see had dozens of people. Also, it would soon become so steep I couldn’t see the bottom

Back home you may see the odd kiss on the street, but generally speaking you’re only going to come across full-on public displays of affection at teenage dive bars or at airports

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The Chinese government held its annual conference on agricultural work from December 28 to 29, focusing on how to implement a strategy of “rural revitalization.”

China has launched a new environmental tax law, but its impact may be limited


The rise of e-commerce has catalyzed a booming industry of erotic toys and deepened sexual liberation in a country where sex has long been a social taboo

National Treasure, a cultural program that focuses on precious antiquities, has spurred a nationwide craze for relic appreciation


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