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Amid the uncertainty of the new US administration, Chinese companies continue to be optimistic about investing there

Famed artificial intelligence researcher Li Fei-Fei says industry and academia need to cooperate to reap the field’s benefits

Private investment is the only sector currently to be relied on to bring economic growth, but increases can't be expected soon

Multilateral development agencies will become a major channel for China to implement its Belt and Road initiatives

The best way to make use of museums is to make them "move," an editorial suggests

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The Greater Bay Area will provide strong support for an upgraded economy in southern China, but administrative barriers and traditional ways of thinking need to be discarded

A new urban planning blueprint awaiting final approval is set to reshape the very fabric of the city of Beijing and its role within the country until 2030


Liu Guoliang, the immensely popular head coach of the Chinese national table tennis team, was suddenly relieved of his post, sparking concern among fans and prompting three national players to quit an international tournament in protest. No official source has revealed the detailed reason for the transfer, which has heavily impaired people’s trust in the ‘reform’ policies of the department that handled Liu’s transfer

The recent landslide in Maoxian County in Sichuan Province took place some 1,250 meters above a village in the valley below. Now the villagers have no choice but to move


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