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September 2016

China is not trying to export its political system, but to offer alternative or complementary solutions to various problems the world is facing

NewsChina, Chinese Edition July 4, 2016. A number of famous Chinese working in the fields of science and technology, education and business graduated from USTC, often dubbed China’s most prominent “low-profile” college.

Oriental Outlook July 12, 2016. Although China launched its first BeiDou navigational satellite
in 2000 and initiated the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System in 2003, the system did not officially enter service until 2012.

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Economy & Nation Weekly June 23, 2016. Under the new tax policy implemented as of April 8, items
purchased from overseas via cross-border e-commerce were
no longer subject to individualized taxation but instead
became eligible for import duty, value-added tax and consumption tax.

Minsheng Weekly July 14, 2016. Since the early 1980s, China’s battle
against encroaching water pollution
in rural areas has been ongoing and
increasingly difficult.

Caixin Weekly June 28, 2016. Since early 2016, students in at least 15 cities across China have
been found to suffer from nose bleeds, nausea and dizziness allegedly because of the exposure to toxic chemicals in school run
ning tracks.