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July 2016

Under the current legal framework, only the property rights of the State, not individual citizens, are seen as sacred.

Most Chinese parents discourage their children from dating during high school and college, but, practically the instant their kids receive their college diplomas, the parents pull a sudden 180. 

Research into blood cancer in China dates back to the 1950s, and, after decades of effort, treatments have gradually drawn level with developed world norms.

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In recent years, private car ownership in China has risen by 13 to 15 percent year on year and it is expected that China will be home to over 170 million vehicles by 2017.

Since the Chinese Seed Law took effect in 2000, China’s seed industry went commercial and a growing number of companies, including both private, Sino-foreign joint ventures and State-owned enterprises, have sprung up.

According to China’s Ministry of Public Security, 300,000 cases of telecommunications fraud were registered by police in 2015.