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June 2016

The Chinese government has ordered 27 departments to jointly work on protecting children who are left behind in villages by parents who have migrated to the cities in search of work. 

More and more people are turning away from the traditional Chinese wedding custom of playing often insulting and demeaning pranks on bridesmaids in order to spice up the celebration. 

Chinese women were given another reason to fear for their safety after a video clip was released online showing a young woman being assaulted by a man in a hotel corridor while staff stood idle and watched. According to the victim, who uploaded the clip, she would have been abducted by her attacker if another guest hadn’t intervened.

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Zhu Jiang (pseudonym), a 36-yearold paraplegic man, caused an outpouring of public sympathy after it was revealed he had hired a hitman to help end his life.

“Since our first online commemoration in 2012, we have received a growing number of retweets, from 200 to over 20,000. It means that more and more people will remember Wang Wei and he will never leave us. 81192 (the number of Wang’s fighter), welcome back home!”

The Beijing traffic management bureau recently announced a ban on electric bicycles and motorcycles on 10 major thoroughfares, effective as of April 11.