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March 2020

The goals set by the leadership do not appear very surprising. But given the existing and potential challenges faced by China, the government needs to tread carefully in its fiscal and monetary policy

As the world enters a new decade, the key word for what is to come is uncertainty.

Since China and the US reached the phase one trade agreement in December 2019, frictions between the two countries have been tentatively alleviated.

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An investigation by the All-China Women’s Federation showed domestic violence exists in 30 percent of China’s 270 million families.

China is home to 250 million vehicles even though passenger vehicle sales witnessed the first drop in 2018 of the past 28 years.

After Shanghai started its compulsory garbage sorting system in July 2019, Beijing announced it would follow suit on May 1, 2020. According to data from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development, at least 237 cities across the country already practice garbage sorting.