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May 2016

The Chinese market often thinks differently than those who attempt to command it. With better communication and a more thorough understanding of market forces, upcoming policies might have a better chance of bringing about their intended results

With economics at the forefront of this year’s agenda, China maintains its cautious but firm positions on political issues

Columnist Lai Hairong proposing the introduction of fixed term limits on village-level positions.

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Fu Jun, president and board chairman of Macrolink Group, a large Chinese private enterprise engaged in real estate, international trade, finance and mining, calling on Chinese entrepreneurs to boost the value of their brands.

Chinese basketball star Yao Ming speaking to Yahoo reporter Adrian Wojnarowski about the limitations of his country’s sports system.

Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference spokesperson Wang Guoqing trying to put a positive spin on a rash of resignations among key officials, including judges.