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Monroe Doctrine’s Malign Influence Continues

World Affairs December 16, 2023

By NewsChina Updated Mar.1

Since the onset of the 2022 Ukraine Crisis, the US has sanctioned Russian banks from the global SWIFT system and urged China to refrain from launching its Cross-border Interbank Payment System, seen as an alternative for Russia. This assertion of long-arm jurisdiction echoes the 200-year-old Monroe Doctrine, initially crafted by US president James Monroe to eliminate major European influences from the Americas. During the presidencies of Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Wilson, the doctrine evolved into US interventionism, particularly in the Americas. However, during WWII, the doctrine was used by Japanese fascists and Nazi Germany to legitimize military aggression. In the Cold War, it justified actions such as the 1973 coup against Chilean President Salvador Allende. Today, leading technologies dominated by US firms have transformed the doctrine into digital feudalism shaped to win online influence and stifle dissenting voices.