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June 2017

The government must realize that soaring property prices and the lack of alternative investment channels have formed a vicious circle

The Chinese public have become ardent followers of poetry shows and historical dramas overnight.

In March 2017, at least 30 cities nationwide implemented a sequence of measures to rein in rocketing house prices, including restrictions on home purchases and the increase of the minimum down-payment.

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China’s once trademark bicycle fleets were in steep decline at the beginning of the new millennium, but major cities are witnessing a resurgence thanks to smartphone technology.

During the Two Sessions, China’s annual parliament, in March 2017, Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma called on Chinese authorities to penalize counterfeiters with serious jail time and fines, similar to those adopted to treat drunk driving.

Statistics from the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences showed that in 2015 China was home to 4.29 million people who were diagnosed with cancer and 2.81 million fatalities.