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“I didn’t expect we could have fought that hard. This is how martial artists show each other respect.”

By NewsChina Updated May.1

I didn’t expect we could have fought that hard. This is how martial artists show each other respect.”

Zhang Weili, UFC women’s strawweight champion, on her Sina Weibo account after her recent victory against Polish MMA fighter Joanna Jedrzejczyk in Las Vegas on March 7
“It’s possible that Covid-19 will become a chronic disease that coexists with humans like the flu."

Wang Chen, pulmonologist and vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, calling for further preparations in Covid-19 diagnosis and controls, during a recent interview with China Central Television
“The world won’t defeat Covid-19 until all other countries become more vigilant. Even if China reduces its Covid-19 cases to zero, it’s not a victory if other countries fail to control the virus.’’

Zhong Nanshan, one of China’s leading epidemiologists, at a recent press conference in Guangdong Province on Covid-19 controls 
“What the US reiterated as equality is actually bias, discrimination and a rejection of Chinese media. It’s the US that first broke the rules of the game and now China has to play along.”

Zhao Lijian, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, responding to the US is recent announcement it would restrict the number of Chinese journalists working in the US 
“High levels of uncertainty will be a feature of the economy in late 2020... Macroeconomic policies and operations should be adjusted based on the main contradictions at different phases of epidemic controls... It wouldn’t be wise to work out some mid- or long-term program amid such high degrees of uncertainty.”

Liu Yuanchun, vice president of the Renmin University of China and member of the China Finance 40 Forum, opposing economic over-stimulus and under-expansion programs at a recent forum on post-epidemic economy held at his school
“Even if China is running at full capacity by the end of March or early April, the rest of the world probably isn’t, and China cannot play a team sport by itself. This may be the supply chain disruption that many have failed to consider but will likely elevate the probability of a global recession.”

Hong Hao, chartered financial analyst and managing director of BOCOM International, in his article “Is China a Safe Paradise?”

“Doctors, patients and insiders could all play a role in the early warning system that, by working together and making it more rational, would further reduce crises.”

Yu Fasheng, professor at Central China Normal University in Wuhan and an emergency management expert, appealing to decentralize the early-warning system in a letter to the Hubei Province Command for Epidemic Control.

“This is a war. It’s not a war with guns, bombs or smoke. It’s war against a virus, doubts, fears, rumors and discrimination. And we are the fighters.”

Shenzhen resident Liu Jie in a recent video about China’s fight against Covid-19 that has since made the rounds on the Chinese internet.

“If I indulge in hatred and a desire to take revenge on others and society, I would be no different than my attacker and prove that hatred is contagious. If I was that kind of doctor, I would have a low appraisal of myself.”

Tao Yong, an ophthalmologist in Beijing who was seriously injured after he was assaulted by a cleaver-wielding patient in January, telling Southern People Weekly that he plans to continue working in the medical field following his recovery